Thursday, August 19, 2010

Canada! Radical Trust

The following is a summary of the submission to the CRTC.

Canada is positioned to advance in the digital economy if
she can make the leap forward to adopt a new
philosophical approach to online living.

The current approach of delivering internet connectivity
to users at a high price, and a low quality, will never
work, not even delivery of high price good quality service
will work. What will give Canada the leap forward is the
delivery of free, unregulated, high quality internet. Only
this will lead to leadership in online service and markets.

Additionally, the attempt to brand Canada within the
bandwidth will not work, as traditionally nobody really
cares where you are, the brand is the quality of service,
and the consistency of this quality service that counts. If
Canada invests in education, and network, and acquired a
brand in the process, it will always be secondary
consideration and subservient always to the primary
requirement for delivery of good service.

The persistent complaint to businesses trying traditional
marketing and service approaches on the internet is that
they cannot easily build a market base to pitch to, and
that when they build one, it can disappear suddenly,
overnight. One of the ways to begin to address this
problem is to provide a place for people to live in the
network. For free, forever.

The final subject for consideration is the philosophic code
that has evolved in the net. It is a place where people are
seeking and have found at great breadth, equality, free
speech, educational opportunity, love and art. It is a place
where trust is everything, and success follows trust
everywhere you go online.

In attempting to police the internet, with privacy
regulations, and copyright regulations, it is important to
investigate and address the core issues around the

copyright issue, and to balance regulations around safety
issues with learning and freedom.

So three key steps to ensure Canadians have success in
the network.
• A place to live
• Trust – radical style
• A carefully balanced regulatory environment for
privacy and copyright protections.

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