Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is it legal to build a facility on the Common?

It appears that the Halifax Common was designated a Historic Site under Section 425 of the City Charter (Ordinance 10). If this is the context for developing the Halifax Common Plan, then it is important to understand the duty and care components that inform the management principals for these lands.

I believe it is premature to move this forward, and I believe that the recommendation to make the Skating Oval a permanent fixture on the Common needs further study and a more level, and formal public consultation before any steps are taken in this direction.

We need to examine Ordinance 10, Section 425 of the City Charter to determine the next steps, which would constitute proper due diligence in a project of this scope. The costs, tax implications, historical implications and future ramifications are large, and if it is not in fact, legal, then it is a whole other scenario.

As stated in an earlier blog. I have made a FOIPOP request to get the legal documents governing these lands and will post them as I recieve them.

More later.

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