Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm Cutting Short My Holiday Too. A Poem Or A Song If You Feel Merry.

I'm Cutting Short My Holiday Too
(a poem, or a song if you feel merry)

Oh, Peter McKay
Was a-hunting one day,
Out along Newfoundland way,
When he thought early to leave
And cut short his va-cay!

On government phone,
Through contacts he did comb
For the poor DND gnome,
That over the waves would weave,
And deliver him home.

So, he sent the dis-patch.
His ire none wished to catch.
So they picked him up, natch.
And who knew if there was peave?
Oh, demo down the hatch

He thought no big deal,
Not some kind of a steal.
Would the Hill have a bad feel?
No, his chest, it did not heave.
Ah, he knew his appeal!

Who put out the word?
Matters not, we all heard.
And his loins now he did gird.
No way out for hunter reeve,
Damn on that big steel bird!

He stood to deny
Malfeasance in the sky.
That protest should get no bye.
As the Hill begins to seeth,
He hugs still his tad lie!

Where will it all end?
Well, how can we pretend
To know how far truth will bend?
We will watch the story weave,
You, and me, who penned.

Copyright Katie Campbell 2011
If you wish to record this to music, please post a copy/link here or contact me to discuss. 

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