Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Time for Canada to Grow Up

The 2006 Federal Elections were won by the Conservatives by breaking election spending limits, the 2011 Federal Elections were fraudulent - and yet, Harper and the Conservative Party remain. There is universal concern as to the direction he is taking this country, and yet, he remains. We are a nation of toddlers, but it is time to grow up.

I cannot separate Harper from the Conservative Party, it is a tactical error. They both have to go, forever and for good - annihilation at the polls. Anyone who votes for this kind of machination, or can rationalize the behaviour and devolution of the constitution and Parliament are significantly flawed, in reason and in fact.

Canada had built a well respected role as International Peacekeeper, a role that I have admired and supported my whole life. It is not a role that many like, as they would prefer a bigger investment in militarization. And, I can see, at times, why this could be warranted. It is, however, not the right course for Canada or for the World. The need for diplomacy, and peacemaking around the globe is acute. That Harper and the Conservatives have squandered our investments in peacemaking is atrocious.

Harper and the Conservative Party have prorogued Parliament twice, to avoid answering questions rightfully put on the Afghan detainees and later to avoid a non-confidence vote.  This is the highest display of contempt for Parliamentary governance you could ever expect to find - I suspect that most people have not understood the significance and meaning of these two events. They set the tone and direction for the whole of the Harper/Conservative reign. We are toddlers. 

This is important because Harper and the Conservatives are, through their disrespect for parliamentary process, actually opening the door, in Canada, to entertain the idea of other forms of governance. Forms other than Parliamentary Democracy. Which gives wonderful legitimacy to groups and think-tanks looking for grounds for this conversation in Canada. I am not afraid of this conversation, but remember, Harper and the Conservatives got it started, through corruption and debasement of democratic protocols.

There are long lists of things people hold against Harper and the Conservatives, I don't have to list them here - just do a Google search for a succinct list of concerns and grievances. The point is that we absolutely have to stand up - not at Mammie's knee, but on our own two feet. Tolerating election fraud, Parliamentary abuse, and patronizing, evangelical dialogue rather than diplomatic relations in the world is for babies, toddler nations.

I feel that the language from Harper and the Conservative Party has been hostile, provocative, undiplomatic and not representative of the nation. We will continue to reap what is being sowen by these people for as long as we let them continue unchecked. We will see our standing slide on the international front, we will see our finances continue to slide domestically with some of the worst poverty seen in over one hundred years, we will see our social safety nets dismembered in favour of privatization - we will see shootings on Parliament Hill, attacks on soldiers on domestic soil, none of this good for a toddler nation.

Time to grow up.

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