Friday, December 18, 2015

Who is to blame now that we have internet?

It has been a long time since I have written a blog post. I have to admit I got carried away on Facebook, and, well, took all the push and post they have to offer. Yes I did.

I did curate my feed, and tried to keep it interesting, and factual. And I was critical of what I thought was wrong and was good to find links in support of my disagreements, and solutions, ideas, desires, and fears. But I have to admit, I kind of stopped thinking. Just a little bit.

I found I was not happy with Facebook at various points, sharing personal information, tracking software, and then came real-name policies and censoring of images and I got slammed right in the middle of a post so to speak. I had a page suspended because of the real-name policy and shortly after had a picture I posted removed because it was deemed offensive. Suddenly I was somehow unsavoury, honestly, that is how I felt. Talk about offensive.

This is not a Facebook bashing post, it is goes somewhere - but in a minute. I removed my account from Facebook, and then asked them to remove my page 'forthwith' - because people are posting and commenting and I have no way to respond, which is nightmarish and utterly unbelievable. I have become a what?, threat? a sneak? a problem? - so at this posting I am not sure of the answers. What I do know is that Facebook has crossed the line in terms of power and control and in my opinion as intrepeter of free speech and privacy laws. And we shall see how it all ends. Maybe I will be long dead and mouldering but I hope not.

This leads me back to myself, and thinking about what went wrong on Facebook and to look again at bigger pictures.

I love internet for it's ability to connect people, near and far, and that in doing so, we all become learners, sometimes willingly and sometimes kicking and screaming. The biggest trend that I notice is the search for blame. Who to blame for hunger and lack of housing, for the bombing (sanctioned and otherwise), for racism and for the money woes. Who is to blame?

I do believe that our Social Contract has been broken with our current governance, here in Canada, and also pretty much wherever I look in this world. This is not to say that I feel bleak and hopeless, not at all. I believe that Internet has, and is, providing the first bird's eye view of who we are as a species. It is showing us who we are, in all our glory, with all our warts. What a thing to take in, it is uncomfortable and there are not very many shadows in which to hide or take cover. Good.

I think we are at the beginning of learning to behave as a united and unified force, and that we are beginning to learn how to take control of the reigns for ourselves, leaving behind the old notion of the Patriarch in the Plutocracy and so forth. I believe this because I see that as things are crumbling around the world in the financial sectors, people, the people, are responding with love and great humanity and doing so without borders. It is lovely and it is the way forward.

Every now and then I catch a little sense of the future, where people are free to take responsibility for our collective well being. Where we stop acting like little children and work together like we all matter. Everywhere and Everything is our business. There is no blame. There is only us.

Internet is young and has not yet evolved, but many changes are coming that will ensure we are able to go forward in the internet to grow our insights, hush the doubts within ourselves, and to open our hearts to truth, forgiveness, and honesty. I think the world of money as we know it is already dead and the power it now wields over us is fading daily.  There is a panic to control and lock down the internet, to suspend the big view, to shape the news just a little more. Old ways of control. But, I think it is too late.

As much darkness as there is on this planet, it only exists because there is no light to shine there just yet, but it is coming. The darkness is hard to maintain, and requires a big machinery to shut out the light. Internet does the opposite. It is light everywhere.  So let's forgo shame, and comparisons, and institutional moralizing and get on with the evolution.

And think about this, Internet is just a baby. We are going great places!

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